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Plants War v1.0.1 Gold and Leaf Hack [Using Hex Workshop]



MASSIVE UPDATE: As requested I have been able to create a hack for version 1.0.1 of Plants War. I will leave the version 1.0 hack below this as it is a good example of hacking with iFile which you guys can learn something from.

Why did Gamevil update to version 1.0.1?: In this update they encrypted the text of files in the “data” folder, so that they looked as though they were written in some obscure language that not even google could recognize. Just a warning for the future, read what you gain out of an update rather than mindlessly selecting the “update all” button. This update gave absolutely nothing to the players, but made my life as a hacker, a living hell.

Today I will teach you how to hack from a different perspective that I have not yet discussed. It is through hex editing, but is not nearly as simple as hacking Samurai Vs. Zombie where the save file spelled everything out for you.

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With that out of the way let’s begin with the hack. To mix things up I will show you guys this hack using iFunBox.

If you are lazy and want my hacked file skip to step (13).

If you want to follow along you will need:

1. You will first have to download version 1.0.1 of Plants War from the App Store if you don’t have it already, and make sure the app is not running in the background.

2. Now navigate to the “PlantsWar” folder and go directly into the “Documents” folder.

3. You should now see a screen like this (NOTE: you may not have the same number of save files as I do, don’t worry, we will only be editing the “pd.dat” file):

4. Copy the “pd.dat” file to your desktop and open it with ‘Hex Workshop’.

5. Below is a screenshot of the edited “pd.dat” file I created, indicating which hexes store the information for the quantity of in-game gold. (Click on the picture to view it full-size).

6. You can edit the amount of gold you have by first highlighting these 4 hexes, and then clicking on the value displayed next to “uint32”. Just type in the amount of gold you want (in this screen-shot, I have highlighted the value that you should change).

7. Quite conveniently the hexes coding the amount of leaf you have are adjacent to these hexes, take a look at the screenshot below:

8. You can edit the value of in-game leaf in the same way as you just edited the value of in-game gold, by typing in the value of leaf you want next to “uint32” (again, I have highlighted the value you will want to change).

9. Now you will want to save the new “pd.dat” file that you have just created, ensuring that the file name is still “pd.dat”.

10. Connect your iDevice to your computer and navigate to the same “PlantsWar/Documents” folder. This time delete the old “pd.dat” file and insert your new “pd.dat” file. HOLD ON – you are not done yet.

11. The most IMPORTANT part of this hack is still to come. Now right-click the inserted “pd.dat” file and select “Permissions”. Below is a screenshot of what your permissions should look like:

12. Permissions can be changed in the same way using WinSCP. Now you close iFunBox, and open your Plants War app to find the amount of in-game gold and leaf to be same as the amount you allocated to them using Hex Workshop.

13. If you are in a hurry you can still enjoy this hack. Download a hacked “pd.dat” file from here. I created this hacked file with sufficient gold and leaf. Now carry on from step (10-12) to insert the hacked file and change its permissions.

14. You successfully hex edited an updated version of a Gamevil game, not many people can say they achieved this xD. I’m proud of you guys! To like my YouTube video or donate to me click the links in the 4th or 5th pragraphs respectively. Keep hacking!


To follow along you will need iFile, this software can be obtained free from the Cydia Store from the source: “”. If you are not Jail-broken scroll down to step 11.

Let’s begin.

(Steps 1-3 only necessary if your version of Plants War is higher than 1.0)

1. Download version 1.0 of Plants War from here.

2. Drag the downloaded “.ipa” file to iTunes and wait for it to sync to your iTunes library. If you already have a newer version of Plants War you will have to allow iTunes to replace it with the file you just downloaded.

3. Delete the Plants War app off your iDevice and sync version 1.0 of Plants War to your iDevice, through iTunes.

4. Open iFile and navigate to: private/var/mobile/Applications/(Plants War unique code)/

5. Open the “shop_list.xml” file and scroll to the bottom of the document:

6. Using some basic mathematics principles, let x = 240 leaves and let y = 20,000 gold –> when this shop transaction is made we gain 20,000 gold at the cost of 240 leaf –> we gain (y – x). If we let x = any negative number, such as x = -240 we would gain 20,000 gold at the cost of -240 leaf –> we gain (y + x). The cost of a negative number is positive as per the saying “two negatives makes a positive”. Therefore, changing the line: {…leaf = “true” cost = “240”/>} to something like {…leaf = “true” cost = “-1000000″/>}, (remember no commas when inputting numbers), means that we gain 1,000,000 leaf for each purchase of 20,000 gold.

7. I also changed the number of gold from 20,000 to 1,000,000 to create a file that looks like this:

8. Now for the rewards of your hard work! Start the game and visit the shop. Go to the “GOLD” section of the shop and observe that the third option for converting leaf into gold reflects the change we made to the “shop_list.xml” file:

9. Now simply select the third option for converting leaf into gold and select “BUY” enough times for you to master the game.

10. You should refrain from updating to a higher version of Plant Wars because although your gold content will be maintained, the leaf as well as the “purchasing gold” option will be removed. If you absolutely must update you must complete the first stage (normal stage 1) before doing so; I also suggest buying mass amounts of shop items/stat points/characters/plant allies/plant points – basically all the stuff that leaf is good for – before updating because although your leaf is removed with the update, your purchased items are maintained.

11. If you are not jail-broken and already have version 1.0 of Plants War installed, use iFunBox (description and download link of iFunBox are given in a previous post under the name of “choosing your files transfer client”) to transfer this file to the directory: iDevice/User Applications/Plants War/ —- and then carry on from steps (8-10). WARNING: the cracked ipa cannot be installed on a non jail-broken iDevice; therefore, it is essential that you have version 1.0 of Plants War installed on your device before you attempt this hack.

Check me out on YouTube: Alphavirus95’s Channel

My next hack will be released when my paypal balance increases by 30 cents, keep in mind that 99 cents would only buy you 40 leaf in the App Store. Please take the time to click the link below, if this hack worked for you (your payment helps fund my college education next year).

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Hex Editing iDevice Game-Save Files

Here is the story of the hack:

1. Downloaded a Glu game by the name of “Samurai versus Zombies Defence”

2. Like most Glu games, I observed that the game relied heavily upon large in-app-purchases.

3. Having previously hacked Gun Bros and Zenonia 4 through altering the “.sav” files in the “Documents” folder, I had come to the conclusion that games which saved themselves locally/(not on a server), usually saved all currency related information in a single save file in the “Documents” folder.

4. Upon navigating to: private/var/mobile/Applications/(Unique code for SvZdefence)/Documents — I found a single save file labelled


5. I copied this file to the Desktop of my computer and got ready to hex edit it with Hex Workshop v6.6. You can obtain this version of Hex Workshop here. (Your download will begin automatically, just proceed through the installer instructions.) This download will be a 60-day free trial of this software, however I have found that a quick re-installation when your trial expires gives you another 60 days – stupid publishers xD

6. Now I right-clicked the “” file on my desktop and selected: “Hex Edit with Hex Workshop v6.6”.

7. Now you will see a screen like this, which will look very unfamiliar to you:

8. Take a minute to familiarise yourself with this screen, Each hex contains an alphanumeric 2 spaces long: “63”,”6F”,”69″. I just listed the first three hexes of code. Now I want you to try highlighting “63” “6F” “69” “6E” “73” – the first 5 hexes – and notice that 5 letters are being highlighted in the right-hand column as you do this. Those letters are: c,o,i,n,s which spells coins. By now you should be reading the text in the right-hand column and thinking that what if I changed coins = 10 to coins = 10,000. Now you are thinking like a hacker. Basically each hex represents a byte (8 bits) and each byte represents a character/digit in the human language.

9. Now I want you to try editing the right hand column. First delete the “0” in “10”. When you try to backspace it a message will pop up saying: ‘are u sure you want to delete?’ Just say yes. Proceed to deleting the “1”. Now we are done deleting and are ready to add the number 10000. No commas. you will see the new text coming up in red. You need to make sure that you are not overwriting any information, if as you are typing you see the word “gems” being deleted and your number being added on top of it, the insert key on your computer is on. Just click the insert key once to turn it off and proceed.

10. Here we are just ADDING information, we do not want to delete any of it. You can now do the same thing for gems and now your file will look something like this:

11. There you have it. You hex edited your first game file, I’m so proud! As you see you can continue replenishing the coins and gems until you master the game.

12. Now click the save icon in the upper toolbar and SSH it back into the folder you obtained it from. Your file name should be identical to what it was right before you edited it, in this case the file name should still be “”, so that it replaces your old file.

Check me out on YouTube: Alphavirus95’s Channel

Keep in mind that $1.99 would only buy you 40 gems in the App Store. Please take the time to click the link below, if this hack worked for you (your payment helps fund my college education next year).

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How I hacked Hero Academy

If you want to follow along you will need to be jail-broken and have iFile installed on your iDevice. You can download “iFile” free from the Cydia Store from this source: “”. Add this source by going to Cydia –> Manage –> Sources –> Edit –> Add.

Here is the story of my hack:

1. Downloaded Hero Academy from the Appstore.

2. Noticed that there were quite a few unlockables through in-app-purchases.

3. Opened iFile and navigated to private/var/mobile/Applications/(Unique code for Hero Academy)/

4. As an amateur hacker, I knew that most purchases, for server based games, are recorded in the “data” folder.

5. Browsed through the files until I came across a “.xml” file (text file) with the name AvatarPacks.xml

6. The data for the Avatars to be unlocked must be contained in this folder so I opened it to find:

7. I knew that the creaters gave the “Council Basic” Avatar free so I searched for the only different text string that was present in this pack and not in the others.

8. Here I found the key to unlocking all avatars: <AlwaysUnlocked/>

9. So I scrolled down to the “Dark Elf Sampler” Avatar and tried inserting the <AlwaysUnlocked/> string.



10. I opened Hero Academy to find that the “Dark Elf Sampler” Avatar was unlocked for me.

11. At the top of the posted images you can see the name of the Avatar you are unlocking next to the string: <displayName>

12. With this information, I just copied and pasted the <AlwaysUnlocked/> string, in the place shown above,  for all the Avatar packs, to create the new AvatarPacks.xml file that I uploaded here.

13. This method worked for unlocking the character packs as well. Just open the “civs.xml” file in the same “data” folder

14. You will see this string of text at the bottom of the document:


15. Just place the <AlwaysUnlocked/> string between:
<InventoryID>TEAMS_DWARVES</InventoryID> &  </civ> strings.

This gives:


16. That’s it! The Almighty key for this hack was the <AlwaysUnlocked/> string. Once this was found It was just copy and pasting until we unlocked everything we could.

17. To recap, the general rule is to place the <AlwaysUnlocked/> string on the line which proceeds, the <InventoryID>XXXXXXXXXXX</InventoryID> string. DO NOT DELETE ANY TEXT JUST HIT RETURN TO CREATE A LINE FOR THE <AlwaysUnlocked/> string.

18. Hope this helps!

Refer to my YouTube video if this is too complicated for you 🙂

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Choosing Your Files Transfer (SFTP) Software

WinSCP Vs. iFunBox (Which SFTP Client Will Win?) [Vote in the comments!]

1. Before messing around with iDevice files, let’s discuss the best method of file transfer between your iDevice and computer.

Why WinSCP?:

* Connects to your device over WiFi – no need for a wired connection between your iDevice and computer.

* Changing file permissions is made easy.

* You can save the directories that you frequently visit to save time.

* Compatible with jail-broken iDevices as well as rooted Android phones.

Why not?:

* Requires SSH to be enabled on your iDevice/Android (which is only available after jail-breaking/rooting.) This reduces security of your files if the default password isn’t changed.

* Transfer speeds are slower than transfer speeds associated with a direct connection.

* Only available for Windows

* User interface takes some getting used to.

Before moving on to iFunBox I want to talk a bit about WinSCP. I personally favour this software. This may be because it was my first SFTP client, but more importantly I feel that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. Looking at the pros and cons listed above, you may be thinking: “Well, it has the same number of positives as it does negatives, so that must mean it is just another average client.” However, after you enable SSH on your device, change the default password, and install WinSCP on your windows laptop/PC the only disadvantage remaining is the slightly low transfer speeds. Although transfer speeds associated with WnSCP are lower than those associated with iFunBox, the transfer times are usually negligible anyway, because the files we hack are small. WinSCP is definitely an option to look into for those with jail-broken devices.

Let’s take a look at iFunBox now.

Why iFunBox?:

* Works on all apple devices and all computer operating systems.

* Maximum file transfer speed, due to direct connection between computer and iDevice.

* Excellent user interface.

Why not?:

* Requires a USB connection between iDevice and computer.

* File permissions cannot be changed – UPDATE: iFunBox can now change permissions, if jail-broken.

iFunBox certainly looks more appealing; it is a more universal SFTP client as it can be installed on any computer and can be used to browse through the files on any apple device. The major drawback of this software is that you need a USB connection.

If you are not jail-broken or do not have a Windows computer, iFunBox is the best and only choice. But the question that follows, is: “If you ARE jail-broken, which software should you download”. Here it is a matter of opinion. In my mind iFunBox has parallels with iTunes: you must plug in your device and let iTunes sync. While WinSCP has parallels with iCloud, your device files are synced via WiFi. Obviously the accuracy of these examples is limited, and therefore it is your turn to make a choice.

Choice (A) – WinSCP – can be downloaded here

Choice (B) – iFunBox for Windows can be downloaded here

Choice (C) – iFunBox for Mac can be downloaded here

If you choose WinSCP, you will have to set up a connection between your device and your computer:

  • If you’re using WinSCP + iDevice, enter the IP address of your iDevice, plus the [username = root] & [password = alpine].
  • If you’re using WinSCP + Android, enter IP adress of your Android phone, plus the [username = root] & [password = admin].

Kindly post a comment with your choice 🙂

To see my YouTube video on installing WinSCP on your PC and OpenSSH on your iDevice click here

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