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Plants War v1.0.1 Gold and Leaf Hack [Using Hex Workshop]

March 23, 2012



MASSIVE UPDATE: As requested I have been able to create a hack for version 1.0.1 of Plants War. I will leave the version 1.0 hack below this as it is a good example of hacking with iFile which you guys can learn something from.

Why did Gamevil update to version 1.0.1?: In this update they encrypted the text of files in the “data” folder, so that they looked as though they were written in some obscure language that not even google could recognize. Just a warning for the future, read what you gain out of an update rather than mindlessly selecting the “update all” button. This update gave absolutely nothing to the players, but made my life as a hacker, a living hell.

Today I will teach you how to hack from a different perspective that I have not yet discussed. It is through hex editing, but is not nearly as simple as hacking Samurai Vs. Zombie where the save file spelled everything out for you.

Please take the time to like my YouTube video and post a comment on hacking Plants War here.

Please also click here to donate to my college fund; I have spent a lot of time on this hack and it works perfectly. If you were thinking about spending 99 cents in the app store before I taught you how to create unlimited leaf and gold for yourself, why not donate that money? It does not only pay for this hack, but is an investment to keep me motivated to keep producing quality hacking tutorials in the future.

With that out of the way let’s begin with the hack. To mix things up I will show you guys this hack using iFunBox.

If you are lazy and want my hacked file skip to step (13).

If you want to follow along you will need:

1. You will first have to download version 1.0.1 of Plants War from the App Store if you don’t have it already, and make sure the app is not running in the background.

2. Now navigate to the “PlantsWar” folder and go directly into the “Documents” folder.

3. You should now see a screen like this (NOTE: you may not have the same number of save files as I do, don’t worry, we will only be editing the “pd.dat” file):

4. Copy the “pd.dat” file to your desktop and open it with ‘Hex Workshop’.

5. Below is a screenshot of the edited “pd.dat” file I created, indicating which hexes store the information for the quantity of in-game gold. (Click on the picture to view it full-size).

6. You can edit the amount of gold you have by first highlighting these 4 hexes, and then clicking on the value displayed next to “uint32”. Just type in the amount of gold you want (in this screen-shot, I have highlighted the value that you should change).

7. Quite conveniently the hexes coding the amount of leaf you have are adjacent to these hexes, take a look at the screenshot below:

8. You can edit the value of in-game leaf in the same way as you just edited the value of in-game gold, by typing in the value of leaf you want next to “uint32” (again, I have highlighted the value you will want to change).

9. Now you will want to save the new “pd.dat” file that you have just created, ensuring that the file name is still “pd.dat”.

10. Connect your iDevice to your computer and navigate to the same “PlantsWar/Documents” folder. This time delete the old “pd.dat” file and insert your new “pd.dat” file. HOLD ON – you are not done yet.

11. The most IMPORTANT part of this hack is still to come. Now right-click the inserted “pd.dat” file and select “Permissions”. Below is a screenshot of what your permissions should look like:

12. Permissions can be changed in the same way using WinSCP. Now you close iFunBox, and open your Plants War app to find the amount of in-game gold and leaf to be same as the amount you allocated to them using Hex Workshop.

13. If you are in a hurry you can still enjoy this hack. Download a hacked “pd.dat” file from here. I created this hacked file with sufficient gold and leaf. Now carry on from step (10-12) to insert the hacked file and change its permissions.

14. You successfully hex edited an updated version of a Gamevil game, not many people can say they achieved this xD. I’m proud of you guys! To like my YouTube video or donate to me click the links in the 4th or 5th pragraphs respectively. Keep hacking!


To follow along you will need iFile, this software can be obtained free from the Cydia Store from the source: “”. If you are not Jail-broken scroll down to step 11.

Let’s begin.

(Steps 1-3 only necessary if your version of Plants War is higher than 1.0)

1. Download version 1.0 of Plants War from here.

2. Drag the downloaded “.ipa” file to iTunes and wait for it to sync to your iTunes library. If you already have a newer version of Plants War you will have to allow iTunes to replace it with the file you just downloaded.

3. Delete the Plants War app off your iDevice and sync version 1.0 of Plants War to your iDevice, through iTunes.

4. Open iFile and navigate to: private/var/mobile/Applications/(Plants War unique code)/

5. Open the “shop_list.xml” file and scroll to the bottom of the document:

6. Using some basic mathematics principles, let x = 240 leaves and let y = 20,000 gold –> when this shop transaction is made we gain 20,000 gold at the cost of 240 leaf –> we gain (y – x). If we let x = any negative number, such as x = -240 we would gain 20,000 gold at the cost of -240 leaf –> we gain (y + x). The cost of a negative number is positive as per the saying “two negatives makes a positive”. Therefore, changing the line: {…leaf = “true” cost = “240”/>} to something like {…leaf = “true” cost = “-1000000″/>}, (remember no commas when inputting numbers), means that we gain 1,000,000 leaf for each purchase of 20,000 gold.

7. I also changed the number of gold from 20,000 to 1,000,000 to create a file that looks like this:

8. Now for the rewards of your hard work! Start the game and visit the shop. Go to the “GOLD” section of the shop and observe that the third option for converting leaf into gold reflects the change we made to the “shop_list.xml” file:

9. Now simply select the third option for converting leaf into gold and select “BUY” enough times for you to master the game.

10. You should refrain from updating to a higher version of Plant Wars because although your gold content will be maintained, the leaf as well as the “purchasing gold” option will be removed. If you absolutely must update you must complete the first stage (normal stage 1) before doing so; I also suggest buying mass amounts of shop items/stat points/characters/plant allies/plant points – basically all the stuff that leaf is good for – before updating because although your leaf is removed with the update, your purchased items are maintained.

11. If you are not jail-broken and already have version 1.0 of Plants War installed, use iFunBox (description and download link of iFunBox are given in a previous post under the name of “choosing your files transfer client”) to transfer this file to the directory: iDevice/User Applications/Plants War/ —- and then carry on from steps (8-10). WARNING: the cracked ipa cannot be installed on a non jail-broken iDevice; therefore, it is essential that you have version 1.0 of Plants War installed on your device before you attempt this hack.

Check me out on YouTube: Alphavirus95’s Channel

My next hack will be released when my paypal balance increases by 30 cents, keep in mind that 99 cents would only buy you 40 leaf in the App Store. Please take the time to click the link below, if this hack worked for you (your payment helps fund my college education next year).

Any amount is appreciated

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  1. shikineko permalink


    I don’t have a jail-broken iPhone so I tried to replace v1.0.1 with the older one but for some strange reasons it always goes back to the newest version. When I uninstalled the newest version the older version won’t install anymore. XD

    So I was wondering if it’s not too much trouble for you to also make an already edited file for v1.0.1 when you figure out how to hack it please? Thanks in advance!

    • I am working on a version 1.0.1 save file right now. I’m not making any promises but it is looking very successful so far. Comment how much leaf you want and I will get on it.

  2. matt907 permalink

    hello i am very intrigued by this post and i think will help me out very much as i have not read it yet (i am exited to read it atm but i would like to express my thanks, and appreciation to you for making it)

    now before i found your blog i was trying to hack this myself (still a newbie at hacking and does not know where to start, bring back memories?) i started a Google search on how to edit that damn DAT file (i wanted to educate my self a bit more before i got all cocky about hacking this game)

    and well i came up with this:

    in all honestly i figured i should download a plist editor and see if i can look into that DAT file with it in shorter word the conversion data failed…

    now i will continue to read your post on hacking this game to see where i went wrong
    (even though i didn’t go very far…)

    and as well
    thanks for the hack

    • matt907 permalink

      also i have a ipodtouch 2G does this change up a few things for me?

    • You know just a few months ago I was in your position. Following hacks posted by other people just wasn’t enough for me, that is why I tried to understand how to hack for myself. That is what you did with the plist editor example. These blog posts cater to people who think like you and me. I remember searching for posts like this and not being able to find them, so after seeing this lack I decided to learn a bit about hacking and then teach others how I would have wanted to be taught. Thanks for taking out your time to write this supportive comment it means a lot. And, no your iPod 2g should not inhibit your progress.

  3. matt907 permalink

    thanks for that man

    i have a couple questions

    first 1. how did you figure out which hexes store the information for the amount of gold/leafs
    i’m enjoying destroying this game BTW thanks

    second 2.where do you think i should start for education myself about simple hacking (need to know things) basics.

    • Start here! That’s the whole point of my blog posts! I provide examples that are easy to process. Think of my posts like a textbook. If you need more help PM my youtube account Alphavirus95. If you PM me I will discuss this with u.

  4. shikineko permalink

    Woah that was fast! Sorry for the late reply, I wasn’t home. ><

    Thank you so much for the guide it was really clear! I am considering to jailbreak my iPhone but I am just wondering if jailbreaking it will have any major side effects. Also it might sound stupid but I don't really know what to do with a jailbroken iPhone either…

    • The hack works without jail-breaking so u can try it out while you think about whether or not you want to jailbreak. As for reasons why to jail-break: you can do all of my hcaks, VLC media player, Cydia tweaks which increase your iDevice’s speeds, use WinSCP, background themes, Installous/ allows usage of cracked ipas, different lock screens, iFile and the list goes on.

      • shikineko permalink

        For some reason when I tried to right click the pd.dat file to select Permission, nothing appeared. The Permission windows doesn’t appear for me. Not sure why though. So I just went with the sav file.

      • update iFunBox.

      • shikineko permalink

        Nope, I downloaded the latest iFunBox version. Maybe it’s my computer or maybe because my iPhone has iOS5.1? So weird, everyone else seem to be able to get the permission box but it just doesn’t appear for me. >.>

  5. Kel permalink

    Hi, I tried to follow your instructions but when I clicked on the ‘permission’ part after editing the data file, nothing appeared and I cannot amend the permission options. Any idea what is wrong? Thanks for your time.

    • try using WinSCP/iFile – both require your device to be jailbroken, but are the only alternative for changing file permissions.

  6. hey does this works in the other games too like Legendary heroes, and other money getting games?? pls reply asap

  7. My i-funbox is 1.9build now but i can not change permission. Help me please……….

  8. Migs Diago permalink

    Hey Man. I just wanna say. Thank you. I wish I have the money to Donate. I really do. but unfortunately. I have no job. So all I can say is Thank you and Good luck on your future. 😀

  9. matt907 permalink

    matt907 well there is a new version out now 1.1.1 and i tried doing this myself no luck i will try again again and update if i have any luck.

    i would appreciate if you could assist me on this Alphavirus95

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